Yuba State Park, originally named Sevier Bridge Reservoir, was built to store water from the Sevier River for agricultural and industrial uses. Recreation quickly became an important factor, and today, the area is very popular for boating, camping, fishing, and other activities. Warm summer water temperatures, good fishing, sandy beaches, and nearby OHV areas attract visitors year-round.

Camping is popular here, and the state park offers a variety of options. Oasis Campground is fully-developed with modern restrooms and showers. More primitive camping areas, still offering restrooms, can be found at Painted Rocks and along the North and West beaches.

Eagleview campground is a drive-in primitive area. There is additional opportunity for primitive day use and primitive group camping at the newly added Oasis Vista Area.

The Sevier River corridor has long been an important area for human activity. Ancient Native Americans left stone tools, broken pottery, rock art, and other traces of their cultures in the area. Rock art can be viewed by boat just north of the Painted Rocks boat ramp. If you discover archaeological or historic artifacts, please leave them alone and notify State Park or BLM officials.

Yuba State Park now has two ziplines, the first ziplines to be included inside a state park. Check out the 850 and 650-foot ziplines just north of Oasis campground. Group reservations can be made in advance.

Yuba State Park also offers paddle board and life jacket rentals. Firewood and ice are also on site for purchase.

Yuba State Park
Yuba State Park Paddling
Yuba State Park, Juab UT