Not just a desert, Juab__is fishing.

  • Burraston Ponds

    Burraston Ponds are stocked with trout and usually provide fast fishing. They are a great place to take the family. Bring a picnic lunch and fish from a canoe or from the bank. The ponds are located near Mona.

  • Yuba State Park, Juab UT

    Yuba State Park offers good action for walleye, perch, and trout. It also contains northern pike, including some that reach trophy size, but they are more challenging to find and catch. The best action here comes from trolling or jigging from a boat.

  • Jenkins Flat, Juab County Utah

    Jenkins Flat

    Jenkins Flat is a popular fishing spot located along the Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway. Over the years, many youths have learned to fish here. It is stocked with fish several times a year and has a restroom, a paved parking area, and a kiosk with information about the area. Each winter, anglers come to ice fish too.

  • Salt Creek, Juab County Utah

    Salt Creek

    Salt Creek offers good trout fishing in the canyon east of Nephi, along Highway 132.