With peaks, deserts, and forests, Juab__is hiking.

  • Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway

    Numerous trails provide outstanding hiking opportunities off of the Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway. Two of the more popular are Summit Trail (6.7 miles) and Loafer Mountain (5.7 miles).

  • Paul Bunyan's Woodpile

    The 2-mile (round trip) hike to Paul Bunyan’s Woodpile is a unique little trek of moderate difficulty.

    A geologic curiosity – rare in Utah – the “Woodpile” is a cluster of lava logs formed about 30 million years ago during the Eocene Period.

    The “logs” were formed when a lava flow cooled into orderly columnar joints having 3 to 6 sides. The columns measure about a foot in diameter and up to 15 feet in length.

    This formation was on the rim of the caldera that collapsed due to a void left when lava flowed out from under the caldera. Basin and range faulting caused the formation to tilt onto its side. Erosion has exposed the formation we now see.

  • Mt. Nebo, Juab County Utah

    Mt. Nebo

    At 11,928 feet, Mt. Nebo is the highest peak on the Wasatch Front. It rises above Timpanogos (11,750 feet) and all other peaks in this area.

    The hike to the top of Nebo is a rugged day hike and can also be an enjoyable backpacking adventure. Most hikers attack the summit via a 14-mile (round trip) trail that begins on the Nebo Bench Trailhead in Salt Creek Canyon.

  • West Desert, Juab County Utah

    West Desert

    Mountains in the West Desert also provide excellent hiking opportunities. The desert looks barren at first glance, but as you ascend the mountains, you'll discover hidden forests of juniper and pine and a wide variety of plant and animal life. These mountains offer starkly beautiful views of the Great Basin and surrounding desert.

  • Ibapah Peak, Juab County Utah

    Ibapah Peak

    Ibapah Peak is a challenging and isolated hike in the West Desert. At 14.4 miles out and back, it takes an average of 10 hours to complete. The elevation reaches 12,087 feet, and a 4x4 vehicle can greatly reduce overall hiking time. Incredible views make up for the limited service and lack of amenities.

  • Bear Canyon Trail, Juab County Utah

    Bear Canyon Trail

    Bear Canyon Trail is a 6-mile out and back hike in the Mount Nebo Wilderness that takes an average of 3.5 hours to complete.

  • Salt Creek Trail, Juab County Utah

    Salt Creek Trail

    Salt Creek Trail is an easy route that takes about an hour to complete. Features of this hike include an accessible waterfall and beautiful views. Turn left when the creek crosses the trail to reach the waterfall.