Juab County is gearing up to unveil its exciting new brand: Juab_is. To bring awareness to Juab County and our new brand, we’ve launched the Juab_is Sock Campaign. We need YOUR help in showcasing the essence of Juab_is to the world. Share the brand, and we’ll send you a pair of Juab_is socks! 

Here are the easy-to-follow steps:


Follow JuabCountyTravel on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Watch for each month’s unique theme (accompanied by a pair of socks that embodies that theme) posted on our social media. You can also check out our monthly themes below.


Create a captivating reel or post a picture of yourself engaged in an activity within Juab County that aligns with the chosen theme. Post your photo or reel on your Facebook or Instagram, tagging @JuabCountyTravel or by inviting us to be a collaborator.


If we feature your content on our social media channels, we will contact you and mail you a pair of our Juab_is adventure socks!*

We cannot wait to see you having a blast in Juab County!

*Limited quantities available

Juab Adventure Socks

But Wait, the Fun Doesn’t End There!

We invite you to take us along on all your amazing journeys after you receive your socks.

Snap a photo of yourself wearing your socks in any corner of the globe using the hashtag #Juab_is, and we’ll proudly display it on our brand-new website on the sock campaign page.

Our goal is to make Juab’s presence known everywhere because there’s no place in the world quite like us. Start exploring and sharing your love for Juab County!

Juab Adventure Socks
Juab Adventure Socks
Juab Adventure Socks
Juab adventure socks

Themes by Month