With plenty of room to ride, Juab__is off-roading.

Bring the ATVs, buggies, and 4x4s. Much of the land in Juab is public, under the control of the BLM and Forest Service, making it open for recreational use. Look out for signs indicating designated use areas, and remember to obtain permission from the property owner on any private land. Before heading out, check out Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation’s OHV laws and rules..

  • Little Sahara Recreation Area

    Rideable all year round, the dunes at Little Sahara Recreation Area are Juab’s premier off-road destination. Find plenty of rugged backroads throughout the West Desert area, also drivable year-round.

  • Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway

    Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway (aka Nebo Loop) has been rated as one of the top 10 motorcycle rides in Utah. Reaching 9,000 feet in elevation, stop for spectacular views of some of the highest peaks in Utah. Nebo Loop is only open to all highway-legal vehicles.

  • Cherry Creek, Juab County Utah

    Cherry Creek

    Cherry Creek is located next to Little Sahara Sand Dunes and is home to many local and national desert races. Races have been held here since the early 1960s

  • Levan Canyon, Juab County Utah

    Levan Canyon

    Levan Canyon is a scenic and fun drive. The main road is maintained and does not require four-wheel drive during dry weather. Watch out for spurs, as they can be very rough. Lat/Long: 39°33'20.9"N 111°50'07.8"W

  • Mona Pole Canyon, Juab County Utah

    Mona Pole Canyon

    Mona Pole Canyon is a popular area for ATV riding. It is the only route off the Nebo Loop that is open for ATVs. You can access it from the Loop or from the Mona side. Riders are required to come back the way they went, as there is no loop option. This route can be very rough, and only experienced riders are advised to ride.