Juab__is bird watching.

Hundreds of species of birds spend all or part of their lives in Juab County, making this a productive area for people who enjoy observing them.

Various birds are commonly seen in many other areas, and observation opportunities exist year-round. In general, birds are more abundant near water sources, typically streams and reservoirs. Here are some other spots popular with bird watchers:

  • Yuba State Park
  • Yuba Reservoir
  • Mona Reservoir
  • Burraston Ponds
  • The Sevier River below Yuba
  • The small streams along the Mount Nebo National Scenic Byway
  • Small streams in Levan Canyon
  • Agricultural areas throughout the county

Raptors can often be seen during fall and winter months as they swoop low over fields or sit on fence posts or in trees.

  • Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge

    The marshes at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge offer the largest number of species for viewing.

  • Burraston Ponds

    The water and foliage of Burraston Ponds attract a variety of birds, providing a perfect place for the novice bird watcher to fall in love with the hobby.