Burning pallets leaves behind nails, harming more than just your feet or tires. It also creates environmental hazards that affect everyone and everything in Juab County, including our landscape.

Nails in pallets are, well, as tough as nails. Unlike your typical campfire or bonfire reaching temperatures north of 600°F, steel nails don’t melt until 2600°F.

It’s not just about the piles of nails, though. Pallets are often constructed or painted with toxic chemicals, including preservatives, pesticides, and fungicides. When ignited, these chemicals release fumes that can cause breathing problems for people and wildlife and carry ashes that leach into the ground.

Even using untreated pallets poses significant risks. Pallet wood is brittle and fast-burning, resulting in a more intense, unpredictable burn and making fires harder to contain.

Protect Juab County and opt for fires that leave no trace behind.

Pallets with nails

What can I do with old pallets, then?

Instead of burning pallets in Juab:


Donate them to a local business or nonprofit for reuse.


Repurpose them for your next DIY project.


Remember that untreated pallets can be recycled.

Visiting Responsibly

When you come to Juab, you’re entering a region with local residents, natural resources, and visitors from all over. Follow these Leave No Trace principles:


Do a Little Extra Planning
Research your destinations, pack for a range of conditions, and make backup plans (just in case) before you go.


Stick to Trails and “Overnight Right”
Follow signage and stick to the path on all trails and campsites, whether you’re taking a solo hike or a group ride.


Trash Your Trash
Pack out everything you pack in, including garbage. If trash cans are full or not available, be prepared to bring home any waste.


Protect Indigenous Cultural Heritage
While enjoying Yuba State Park and other parts of Juab County, you may come across stone tools, broken pottery, rock art, and traces of Native American culture. If you discover archaeological or historical artifacts on your travels, please leave them alone and notify State Park or BLM officials.


Minimize Campfire Impacts
Keep your fires small and contained within existing fire rings. Check out UtahFireInfo.gov for local restrictions.


Keep Wildlife Wild
Respect the home of Juab’s diverse creatures and wildlife by only observing from a distance. Never follow or feed wildlife and ensure pets are within your control.


Share Our Parks, Trails, and Roads
Be mindful of your and your group’s noise levels, including your vehicles. Everyone enjoys the outdoors in different ways: some may go outside to be with friends and family and others may be looking for solitude.

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