Juab is…

A land of rugged beauty and endless adventure. With rolling hills and sprawling deserts, this is a place of raw, unspoiled power, where nature reigns supreme. It’s a place where one can escape the noise and chaos of modern life and find solace in the stillness of the open land.

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Little Sahara Recreation Area

A geologic phenomenon, these breathtaking sand dunes inspire the spirit. With over 60,000 acres of dunes, there is a lot of room for loads of fun.

Journey through 38 mesmerizing, winding miles with access to several of Utah’s most inspiring natural masterpieces.

Devils Kitchen on Mount Nebo Scenic Byway
Juab County Fair Demolition Derby

Among other events, the Juab County Fair brings the thunder with its exhilarating demolition derby. Don’t miss the mayhem at this wildly popular vehicular battle.

Discover one of the world’s greatest places to find topaz, a semiprecious gemstone that occurs as hard transparent crystals in a variety of shades.

Topaz Mountain Juab UT

Enjoy soothing beaches, warm water, boating, fishing, primitive and fully developed camping, and even ziplines. From equipment rentals and food services to an archery course and OHV trails, Yuba State Park is all about good times.

With bucking horses, bull riding, bronc riding, and team roping, this traditional-based rodeo is one event you’ll never forget. Take in the parade, hit the carnival rides, and see who is crowned this year’s Ute Stampede Rodeo Queen!

Ute Stampede Rodeo
Burraston Ponds

Filled by natural springs, these crystal clear ponds offer great fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, swimming, and rope swinging.

What's Underneath Juab Utah
Juab, Utah

Do it Right, Don’t Ignite!

Protect Juab County and opt for fires that leave no trace behind.

Do it Right, Don't Ignite!

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